Commercial Division

In the past roughly 5 years, All Star Electric, Inc. has placed itself on the CUTTING-EDGE of the development of commercial electrical contracting in the Gulf Coast area.  All phases of electrical installations in Health Care Facilities, Institutional Facilities including schools, colleges, auditoriums, multi-unit facilities including assisted living, hotels, condominiums including high-rise as well as single story units.  Additionally we are active in other installations including restaurants, offices, churches and others.  Our design capabilities make for significant quality, scheduling and construction advantages in many of these type installations due to repetitive action; this is a specialty of All Star Electric, Inc.

Design, modeling (including 3D modeling) and shop drawings from underground infrastructure all the way to special finishes throughout the building are a key element to our commercial Division and pays rich rewards to the Developers, General Contractors, sub-contractors and others on our projects.

All Star’s modeling capabilities through extensive use of and expertise in B.I.M. software has been one of the major elements that has rocketed us into the forefront of electrical contractors along the south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Additionally, All Star Electric, Inc.’s development of a comprehensive Pre-Construction unit has allowed us to reduce build-out costs, tighten scheduling variables, reduce the negative effects of debris the job-site facility and reduce the cost inherent in massive lay-down areas on the job site.

All Star Electric, Inc. has clearly made a commitment to state of the art and cutting edge activities in our Commercial Division and will continue to do so as we move into the future and further innovations and technology advances make themselves know.

Let All Star Electric, Inc. demonstrate our Commercial Division capabilities to  your team!

Design Build Division

All Star Electric, Inc. is dedicated to assuring that the company is on the cutting-edge of the electrical contractors’ development in the Gulf States area. We are proud of our progress and the establishment of our Design Build Division. This significant move on All Star’s part establishes a valuable collaborative activity and a valuable resource for the General Contractors and Developers in our area.

All Star utilizes state-of-the-art B.I.M. resources, our significant knowledge in the field, valuable historical data, strong and long-standing relationships with our vendors, budgeting expertise, more than 18 years of successful completion of complex projects to provide Owners, Developers and General Contractors with the collaboration that assures successfully completed projects. Additionally, All Star’s cooperative relationships with the other major sub-contractors in the design process can and regularly does result in significant savings and design improvements.

The reputation that All Star has developed with General Contractors and Developers assures them that they can count on significant and reliable input resulting in efficiencies and cost savings and design innovations that are critically important in our industry.

Our experience and skills in this area result in our providing extremely valuable inputs and recommendations in the continuing design process. There are numerous instances of All Star’s input resulting in cost savings, time line enhancements and significant design improvements that otherwise might not have happened.

Civil Division

All Star Electric, Inc. is proud of its Civil Division which has the personnel, experience and equipment to handle the Civil lighting and distribution that any type of contractor may need.  All Star is proud to boast of extensive experience in jobs as basic as simple installation of light poles for a ball field to the entire construction and installation of everything required in a new ball field!

All Star maintains all of the street lights in the City of New Orleans.  Every street light whether on major thoroughfares or small street lights, All Star performs the routine maintenance helping to keep the city well-lit.

All Star helps protect Jefferson Parish through our contract for Emergency Restoration of traffic signals.  When there is a disruption in the operation of traffic signals due to a storm or other act-of-God, All Star is prepared to perform the repairs within the time required by the parish.

Another street light repaired and again shedding light on the streets of New Orleans.

Our success in the Civil area is largely dependent upon our skilled, dedicated and reliable personnel who are proficient in the underground installation of electrical distribution or keeping the Street Cars moving by expert service to the catenary cabling.   We salute our group of Electricians, Operators and Apprentices who make up this outstanding division.

When you see one of our many All Star derrick trucks or bucket trucks you know that you are seeing the team  that is keeping your street lights running.

Service Division

All Star Electric, Inc. is a leading Full-Service Electrical Contractor in South Louisiana. Our Service department is a top provider of 24/7 on-call electrical and lighting service in New Orleans, the North Shore, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Gulf Coast areas. Whether the need is large residential projects, commercial on-demand service, or our growing industrial group, All Star Electric, Inc. has the skilled professionals, the correct parts and the required equipment to fix the problem.

Our Fleet of fully stocked vans and available equipment like mini-excavators, scissors lifts, bucket and derrick trucks, put obstacles aside and allows our teams to get to the solutions quickly and efficiently.

All Star is a specialist in electrical preventive maintenance utilizing equipment and tools like infrared scanners, meggers, and other high-tech diagnosing equipment. Problems can be identified before a project or facility is shut down, which equates to money saved! Other techniques used by All Star help our commercial and industrial customers and also plays an important part in keeping them up and running.

Our Service Department also specializes in LED project work. We now offer Energy Efficient Lighting upgrades utilizing the latest LED technology from the leading manufacturers. Our specialists will provide potential savings data reports and submit for all your incentives from Entergy or Cleco. In many instances, this is a significant amount of incentive money. Additionally, our Certified Lighting Control specialists can perform quarterly preventive maintenance, or on-demand service at any size facility, as we currently do for one of New Orleans’ largest hospitals.

Our Residential Service group specializes in maintenance including full replacement of panels and other significant portions of the residential electrical system. Our team of specialists are extremely qualified in whole house generators which we install and maintain.
Our staff of qualified and experienced service technicians and our Service Division management group is ready to handle your electrical or lighting issues. We would be happy to respond to your needs 24/7 issues, and we believe that when you experience All Star’s dedicated team of professionals, you will be glad you did.