There are “smart” versions of everything these days—smart cars, smart phones, smart watches, and even smart vacuums. One smart investment that we suggest for homeowners looking to save energy and money on their power bill each month is the smart thermometer. Though it is a size-able investment on the front-end, if utilized properly, it will be able to pay itself off and save you on energy costs in the long run.

 1. They’re Fun for Techies

If you’re a gadget wiz who loves problem-solving, and saving, the smart thermostat will be like a toy for you. With smart apps that can track the money you save based on the energy you’re actively using, you can adjust the degrees of your home from anywhere to make sure you maximize your savings. And for the non-tech lovers, smart thermostats are called “smart” for a reason. There are learning models that control your home’s climate on its own and is able to save you energy without adding stress to your plate.

2. They Help Keep Your Family Safe

Smart thermostats not only save you time and money, but they may also help to save your life. These data-driven thermometers are integrated with smoke and CO2 detection, so in the event that a threat is detected, they are able to automatically alert you and shut down your HVAC systems to prevent harmful gases from being spread throughout your home.

3. They’re Convenient

If you get stuck in the office and can’t make it home at the normal time, you can log in and keep the temperature turned down. If you’re on vacation, 15,000 miles away from home, as long as you have an internet connection, upping or lowering your home’s temperature only takes a couple taps of your finger.

4. They’re Dummy-proof

Forgetfulness with non-programmable thermostats costs you money. You forget to turn the temperature down a couple times a week in the winter when you leave for work and your bill soars. With a smart thermometer, you have the power to change the temperature from anywhere–and you have the comfort of knowing if you forget to change the settings, the settings have the capability to change themselves. A smart thermometer knows that you like it cool at night and warm in your home while you’re away at work in the summer, and it will adjust on it’s own the energy-saving temps you prefer.

5. They Just Look Cool

At the end of the day, there are many benefits for you home, your safety and your wallet. An additional benefit that you will notice as soon as you take yours out of the box is: they’re nice to look at. When you or visitors see your smart thermometer on the wall, your home will instantly be perceived as more modern and up-to-date than before.

The smart thermostat is just one of many steps that you can take toward energy-savings in 2016. Do some research, consult our advice, and decide if a smart thermostat is a wise investment for you and your family.