There are lots of ways to save energy all year long, but most people look for extra creative ways in either winter or summer. In winter, your energy bill soars as the heater stays on more consistently and your windows and doors let cold drafts in. In the summer, your air conditioner is constantly running and the windows are being heated up by the summer sunlight which pours in and heats up your home even more. If you’re looking for practical energy saving strategies for this summer, check out our top 5 tips below:

  1. Turn the Refrigerator Down

Your fridge can account for almost 20% of all your household electricity use. Use the built-in thermometer to set your fridge temperature as close to 37 degrees and your freezer as close to 3 degrees as possible. Also, be sure to check the gaskets around your fridge and freezer doors to make sure they are clean, this allows the doors to seal tightly and helps the cold air to stay in.

  1. Remember the Air Filters During Spring Cleaning

Through the spring months there is often a lot of pollen and other plant spores in the air that eventually get trapped in your air filter. Clean or replace all your air filters as recommended on the package. Excess energy is wasted when air conditioners have to work harder to draw air through dirty filters. Cleaning a dirty air conditioner filter can save up to 5 percent of the energy used.

  1. Dress Like it’s Summertime

Why are you still walking around the house in jeans, socks and a hoodie? The less you wear around the house, the higher you can set your thermostat, and the more energy you can save. So switch out your winter wear for t-shirts, sundresses, tank tops and shorts.

  1. Turn on your Ceiling Fans

Overhead fans get air circulating, which means you might be able to delay turning on the air conditioning at certain times throughout the day—especially if you also leave windows open on cool summer evenings. Just remember to turn off fans in rooms that are not occupied to get the most out of the summer energy savings that ceiling fans have to offer. If you’re looking around your home or office thinking you may need a few fans installed, we can help!

  1. Let the Weather Work for You

If you’re in an area that allows it, consider hanging a laundry line in the backyard to let your clothes dry naturally. The heat from the sun and the warm breeze will dry your clothes in no time, and the added bonus: air-drying is a gentler option that helps your clothes last longer.